InnovatIon SolutIons

We adapt Matrix Thinking™ and Workshop (Çalıştay™) management to each specific case and then facilitate, support and direct respective product/process/service innovation processes.

Our support stages include:

 Performing a needs analysis, 

 Creating targeted project outputs and the project plan which includes commercialization process, 

 Creating and training the project team 

 Executing the project step by step and report it 

 Executing strategy determination workshops (Çalıştay™) whenever necessary during the review stages, 

 Constantly supporting the project execution by keeping it up to date according to the pre-set goals. 

In order to create a robust innovation management system, we review and support the updating of subsystems that exist in most companies.

 Suggestion Scheme 

 Quality Systems 

 HR Systems 

For Senior Managers, a half day program / Introduction

 How much we are aware of the importance of innovation?

 Is there an effective methodology for innovation?

 The inevitability of innovation in competitive markets  

 How are innovative opportunities captured?

 Matrix Thinking™ with an example

A full-day program for teams responsible for the innovation process and Project Leaders or top management / Awareness

 How is the methodology applied? Introducing the main steps

 Sample solutions for teams responsible for the innovation process and/or for top management by workshop method 

 Value Chain and value proposition implementation

 Capturing Innovative Opportunities

 Prioritization of opportunities

Three day program for expert training / Master Classes

 Business Plans - Reasons for success / failure

 Innovation and invention - What's the difference?  

 Value proposition concept - Implementation examples

 Market Risk Map

 Matrix Thinking Workshops  

 Teamwork and implementation examples with various matrices

 Determination of innovation opportunities for new products and / or product features, processes, services  

 Evaluation and ranking of innovation opportunities

 Aligning innovation opportunities with organizational goals and strategies   

 Intellectual property rights   

 Preparation of Implementation Plans

This scheme involves the diagnostic check and assessment of a company's innovation competence and its related business processes.

By identifying the critical issues for the organization and the areas for improvement, this consultancy scheme helps the management to prepare a road map for a successful innovation program .

A comprehensive innovation program to be prepared specifically for the organization and necessary evaluations and selections are made to ensure that the people and teams involved in the roadmap are in the right competence. An appropriate training program is organized with respect to these parameters.