InnovatIon System

Rapid differentiation by means of innovation is the most important factor for surviving in today's highly competitive business world.


  Innovation stands as a concept that everyone can not fully comprehend about "what" it is.

  Complex methods and approaches show "innovation" as an inaccessible concept.

You will find with us clear and concrete response to the question of "How innovation is done", which is the essential requirement of companies!

Innovation, regardless of the business sector, is a key process that must be created in every business and integrated with other business processes.

For cost reduction and profitability, every company must have a soundly based innovation management system and an effective innovation methodology to accompany it.

Developed by Australian guru Roger La Salle, La Salle Matrix Thinking™ methodology is widely accepted in the world as a methodology that best meets the clarity and practicality requirements we have set out above.

What is Matrix Thinking™?

 The Matrix Thinking ™ is a very practical methodology developed to answer companies' innovation process applications. The method can be used independently of the type of the industry, in other words, for all organizations involved in the manufacturing or service sector. Although it is a method developed on the basis of a sound business management theory, it is easily applied without requiring any knowledge or reference to these theories. Matrix Thinking™ approach is therefore adopted, internalized, and used by teams and employees at all levels of the organization without difficulties.

Matrix Thinking ™ For Which Goals?

The Matrix Thinking™ methodology is used to achieve the following goals:

 Determination of innovation opportunities ("innovation capturing")

 Identifying Business Development Opportunities

 Determination of marketing & sales plans and strategies

 Long-term plans for R & D and product development

 Strategic innovative decisions with top management team

The methodology is implemented by carrying out a series of workshops, with teams formed in the appropriate composition.

Why Matrix Thinking™?

 The Matrix Thinking™ method consists of matrices that are specially designed and used in a certain order. There are "catalyst" and "seed" sets that are specific to each matrix, depending on the purpose of use. The "catalyst" and "seeds" are located in two dimensions of the matrices and form the specific thinking platform to be used with the matrix. In this way, the innovation process can be systematically managed and the product, service, or any feature thereof that the organization wishes to innovate is effectively developed.  

 The "catalyst" and "seed" sets used have been tested and developed in real life for many years, in different countries, in different sectors and companies.  

 The harmony between theory and practice is provided in this way, reinforcing the Matrix Thinking™ method's superiority over other approaches.  

Catalyst: "Thought provoking" items that animate our thoughts and help us create innovative change (innovation)  

Seed: The most critical 3-5 basic area of the product or service to be addressed for innovative change.  

Innovation Methodology

The approach consists of 4 main steps and matrices are used that are specific for each step:

 Discovery – Identifying innovation opportunities

 Solution - Transformation of innovation opportunities into concrete innovation ideas

 Validation - Evaluation of innovation ideas from the commercialization point of view

 Decision - Kill or Implement