CEO & Founder

Bahadir Akin has extensive experience in public, private and voluntary sectors. Prior to started working as a professional engineer in the private sector, Bahadir Akin has spent 11 years working in the academic and research institutes. In the university (METU) he lectured industrial engineering junior classes. In the research institute (TÜBİTAK) he was responsible for the management of large-scale World Bank funded projects ranging from selection of appropriate building technologies to assessing the macroeconomic impacts of community housing projects. As a professional engineer and senior manager, he worked over 20 years with the largest companies in their sector, petrochemicals (PETKIM), glass (Şişecam) then electrical domestic appliances (Arçelik). In his private sector years, Bahadır has developed extensive knowledge, skills and experience in a great number of fields of management, especially total quality, process management, six sigma, innovation and business excellence. He assumed active leadership roles when Arçelik applied and won Turkish Grand Quality Award in 1997 and European Quality Prize in 2000. Bahadir also successfully lead and managed the establishment, dissemination and alignment tasks of Arçelik management systems, during its globalization period in 2000s. During his private sector years, Bahadir has made significant contributions in the voluntary sector also, especially in the foundation of Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer), foundation of Ankara Branch, development of training programs of KalDer, including serving as board member of KalDer. Bahadir also contributed EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) as award assessor for more than 5 years. Currently, he is the chairman of Impartiality Committee of BSI (The British Standards Institution). As a consultant and assessor Bahadir has vast amount of experience across the spectrum of industry in innovation management, technology selection and management, including experience in strategic planning, continuous business improvement, auditing, process mapping, and quality management.